Zetangole 1.0

A highly original and surprising party game for Treo owners

Zetangole™ is a patent pending, celebrity-look-alike game. The game judges which contestant looks most like a target celebrity.

This revolutionary concept brings together recent advances in AI, Game Theory and Psychology, leveraging the latest and the greatest in Mobile Communication, Broadband, and Web 2.0 to deliver a most satisfying game play experience with practically no learning to play.

How to play:

  • Assemble players
  • Snap each other
  • Zetangole tells you who's the best Clooney look-alike!

A novel and highly enjoyable ice-breaker for parties and nights out.

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Zetangole 1.0

User reviews about Zetangole

  • AndyRah

    by AndyRah

    "One of the most innovative games in the last two years"

    After a long time, a cool game emerges. I was initially reluctant to play this game, as were all my friends, but was...   More.